This exciting self-study online course is a multi-faceted approach to creating the "Balanced Dog" that will be a great addition to any canine professional's toolbox as well dog handlers looking for a think outside of the box approach to their dog's behaviour & well-being. 


You will learn how to support a dog with behavioural challenges with topics including drive management, enrichment, nutrition, complementary therapies through to teaching calm and balanced behaviours through balance, strength & body awareness training + much more.  

This is a self-study professional development course, there are no assessments or graduation.

This Canine Health Coaching course has been developed by seven industry professionals across varying fields who are passionate about helping dogs find their balance and we know you will find their knowledge invaluable. 



Co-operative Care

You will learn how to gain your dogs co-operation in this module including their most feared activities such as nail clipping.


Physical Structure & Purpose

In this module you will learn basic canine anatomy, both skeletal and muscular and how structural weakness impacts dogs.


Physical Assessment

Learn to assess a dog for pain and structural weakness as well as learn how pain and medical conditions can influence behaviour.


Fitness Assessment

You will learn how to conduct a fitness assessment as well as learn to recognise exertion.

Body Work

Body Work

In this module you will learn why body work such as massage is beneficial for dogs, especially those with behavioural challenges, you will also learn how to conduct a basic massage.



This is module is one of the 2 anchor modules of the course, it is a hands on learning module where you will learn conditioning exercises to balance the mind & body. This module will take you through the all important foundations as well.



This module is one of the 2 anchor modules of the course, you will learn how nutrition impacts behaviour as well as learning how to formulate a balanced fresh food diet. The science of gut health is the basis of this module.

Plant Therapy

Plant Based Therapies

In these 3 modules, 3 industry professionals will introduce you to medicinal CBD oil, Bach flower remedies and essential oils and how these plant based therapies could support your dog.


In this module, we will introduce you to the why's and how's of enrichment where you can learn how to provide enrichment activities to positively impact your dogs mental health.



In this module, 3 outstanding trainers come together to take you through a number of behaviour altering topics such as place training, drive management, creating controlled calm, impulse control games + more.


Further Details

Please see the course data sheet for more information.

Meet our Coaches


Sacha Packer


Nutrition, Fitness & Bodywork (CN, CF, K9Fit, CMT, ANMR)


Jackie Gowland


BSc (Animal Science), Bodywork & Nutrition (CMT, CN)


Craig Murray


Training & Behaviour Consultant


Kelly Daniel

New Zealand

BSc (Zoology), Fitness Trainer (CCFT) & Agility Handler


Brittany Young


Training & Behaviour Consultant (NDTF), Nutrition (HATO), Fitness Trainer & Agility Handler


Angela Ardolino


Professional certification in Medical Cannabis from the University of Vermont College of Medicine.


Alyssa Rankin


Training & Behaviour Consultant (NDTF)

Terms & Conditions, by enrolling, you agree to the following.
Students will have access to the course for 12 months and will be able to download the content.

Frequently asked questions

Do I need to be dog trainer to take this course?

No, whilst this course adds new tools to existing trainer's toolkits, there are no prerequisites to enrol.

When can I start?

Typically within 1 business day of enrolling! We will invite you to the course platform and send you your Student information and you can get started right away.

How long do I have to complete the course?

You will access to the course for 12 months, you will be able to download the content.

Are there assignments and exams?

No, this is a self study course, however you can participate in the quizzes on the student platform.

Is this course nationaly recognised under Australian framework?

No, this is a self stufy course without assessments.

Will this course qualify me to become a Trainer or similar?

No, this is a professional development course, it assumes you already have the necessary qualifications/training to understand and deliver the information from the course work.

This course should be looked upon as adding new tools to an existing tool kit.

How is the course delivered?

The course is delivered via the Google Classroom which is a online platform where you will be able to view and download content and take the each modules quiz online. We've done everything we can to keep prices down for you so you end up paying for the content not platforms and branding etc.

Are payment plans available?

No sorry, not that this time, however this course will always be available, so if you need to save, there is no rush to enrol.

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